What was your #rowingmoment2012 ?

After an outstanding year of rowing, it’s tough to pick just one moment out as better than the rest. Katherine Grainger’s victory with Anna Watkins would probably edge it for me as the pick of the Olympic regatta, just ahead of Great Britain’s first ever women’s rowing gold – for Helen Glover and Heather Stanning – a brave bronze for GB’s men’s eight in their all-or-nothing battle with Germany and Alan Campbell’s gut-busting push for bronze in the single.

There was more gold for GB at the Paralympics, though, and an action-packed domestic season, including the debut of schoolgirls at Henley Royal Regatta and the Diamond Jubilee Rowing Championships, a forerunner of a new, beefed-up Nat Champs.

Here are a few of your top rowing moments of 2012 from Twitter. Please add yours using the hashtag #rowingmoment2012 or leave a comment below.

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1 Response to What was your #rowingmoment2012 ?

  1. At training camp, getting my brand new novice sculler to take the blades off the water on the recovery at full slide. Her grin of achievement was worth every moment of the squeaks of fear until then!

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